New Releases for September 16, 2016

Codenames PicturesCODENAMES: PICTURES by Vlaada Chvatil (Pictomania, Galaxy Trucker)
2-8+ Players, 20 Min, Word/Party

Thought you were a clever spymaster giving one word clues to link your disparate network of code words? Now try your hand and connecting abstract and surreal pictures. Play in teams with each team’s spymaster giving a single word clue in hopes that their team can guess all of the pictures associated with it.

 Dead Last
DEAD LAST by Matthew Grosso & Andy Patton
6-12 Players, 60 Min, Bluffing/Voting
This unique party game is based on a simple idea – players will secretly vote for one other player to be eliminated, but everyone who doesn’t vote for that person is eliminated as well! Using discussion, misdirection, and lots of subtle clues can you finagle the table to leave you alone or will you arrive Dead Last?

The Godfather: A New Don
THE GODFATHER: A NEW DON by Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim (Akrotiri, Junk Art)
3-6 Players, 60 Min, Dice Allocation/Area Control
There’s a new kingpin in town as players roll their individual dice pools and use them to take over different parts of New York’s boroughs. The Don, however, can steal dice from the other players to further his own ends, but each round other players get closer to ousting him and becoming the Don themselves. Think you can make them an offer they can’t refuse?

The Guardians: Explore
2-5 Players, 60 Min, Deckbuilding/Card Drafting
The monster hordes are coming and it’s up to a group of local kids with their tree forts and makeshift weapons to hold them back. Draft cards then play them over the course of two eras – Warm Up and Battle. Will your crew be the best at taking out the baddies, or will you all go down in a blaze of Kool-Aid filled glory?

New Bedford
NEW BEDFORD by Nathaniel Levan (Dungeon Fighter, Steam Park)
1-4 Players, 75 Min, City Building/Worker Placement
In the whaling community of New Bedford you have to take your chances of landing a big one and use that money to build up the town with useful buildings your opponents will pay you to patronize. Each time you sail you risk coming back empty handed, but by cleverly investing in the town itself you can still come out ahead!

Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu
PANDEMIC: REIGN OF CTHULHU by Matt Leacock & Chuck D. Yater (Forbidden Island, Pandemic Legacy)
2-4 Players, 45 Min, Cooperative/Set Collection
Take the classic cooperative gameplay of Pandemic, add a soupcon of Lovecraftian horror, and prepare to survive the mindwarping world of Cthulhu. This stand-alone version of Pandemic features new mechanics and easier trade abilities while introducing various new hazards in the form of randomly ordered threats from the Elder Gods themselves!

VALLEY OF THE KINGS: LAST RITES by Tom Cleaver (Valley of the Kings)
1-4 Players, 45 Min, Deckbuilding/Set Collection
Return to the world of Egyptian deck-and-tomb building with the third stand alone Valley of the Kingsset. Purchase cards from the bottom row of the continually collapsing pyramid and use their powers to build up your abilities. But only cards entombed from your deck and removed from the game will score points for you. Clever timing and deck manipulation are they keys to eternity here. Can be played on its own or mixed with other Valley of the Kings sets.

VIKINGS ON BOARD by Charles Chevallier, Catherine Dumas, & Pascal Pelemans (Abyss, Gentlemen Theives)
2-4 Players, 45 Min, Worker Placement/Set Collection
Prepare to set sail with your rough and tumble viking crew as you take turns adding your vikings, placing bets on which players will have the most vikings on the ship, or setting sail. Once all ships have sailed the player with the most money from supplies and bets will take home the glory in this highly interactive game.

Kylie is the owner of Games Unlimited and very passionate tabletop game player. He prefers games with elegant mechanisms that play in under two hours, but is not opposed to longer more thematic games. His favorites are War of the Ring, Dominion, and Blood Rage.

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