New Releases for September 2, 2016

Dead of Winter DEAD OF WINTER: THE LONG NIGHT by Jonathan Gilmour & Issac Vega (Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn)
2-5 Players, 90 Min, Cooperative/Bluffing

Dead of Winter reinvented the cooperative/traitor genre by introducing personal goals and a fascinating narrative system. This new set takes players near the Raxxon research facility – the very place where the outbreak started – with new characters and monsters to spice up your games ofDead of Winter. Can be played on its own or combined with the original.

 Dragon and Flagon
THE DRAGON & FLAGON by Brian, Geoff & Syndey Engelstein (Space Cadets)
2-8 Players, 60 Min, Programmed Action/Action Selection
There is only one mug of the famous Dragon ale left so it’s time for a brawl to end all brawls! Take on the role of one of 9 different adventurers and throw chairs, smash tables, or even pull the rug out from under your opponents as you scramble to drink up the last of the magical ale!

 Pursuit of Happiness
THE PURUSIT OF HAPPINESS by Adrean Abela & David Chircop (…and Then We Held Hands)
1-4 Players, 90 Min, Worker Placement/Resource Management

Think you can build the life of your dreams in this lifetime management sim? Start with childhood traits and inheritance and build your life according to your specifications. Will you embark on a new career, cultivate personal projects, or even settle down? It’s all about managing your stress levels and long term happiness. No two lives will ever be the same!

Shakespeare Backstage
1-4 Players, 60 Min, Expansion/Worker Placement

Shakespeare is a game about putting on the most prestigious play by hiring the right actors, set decorators, costumers, and of course rehearsing like mad! This expansion introduces new backstage elements like line prompters and replacement actors while giving you actions to take with your unwagered workers.

Smash Up Cease and Desist
SMASH UP: CEASE & DESIST by Paul Petersen (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game)
2-4 Players, 30 Min, Expansion/Deckbuilding

The newest stand-alone expansion for Smash Upguarantees not to step on intellectual property rights. Pick two sets of cards and mix them together in an attempt to dominate locations better than your opponents. This set absolutely does not include factions that bear any resemblance to Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, or Transformers!

Steam Works
STEAM WORKS by Alex Churchill
2-5 Players, 90 Min, Tile Laying/Worker Placement
Become the ultimate fringe inventor in this steampunk game of crazy inventions. Acquire modular parts tiles and put them together using the powers of clockwork, steam, or electricity. Once built other players may utilize your machines for abilities, giving you bonuses in the process. Think you can be the craziest inventor?


Kylie is the owner of Games Unlimited and very passionate tabletop game player. He prefers games with elegant mechanisms that play in under two hours, but is not opposed to longer more thematic games. His favorites are War of the Ring, Dominion, and Blood Rage.

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