New Releases for August 26

Behind the Throne

BEHIND THE THRONE by Oleg Sidorenko & Oleksandr Nevskiy (Mysterium)
2-4 Players, 30 Min, Set Collection/Take That

A quick and simple card game in which players collect sets of cards to get new special abilities. Players earn victory points for the heroes they collect, and whoever has the most victory points at the end of the game wins. Can you influence the most members of the court to win the game behind the throne?

 Red Rock Tomahawk
2-10 Players, 45 Min, Expansion/Dexterity
The newest expansion for the wild west dexterity game bring Indians into the mix with the dreaded tomahawk. Not to be outdone the game now comes with a gattling gun! Features five new scenarios for plenty more disc flicking fun!

Hit Z Road
HIT Z ROAD by Martin Wallace (Via Nebula, Steam)
1-4 Players, 45 Min, Auction/Dice Rolling

It’s time to take a trip down Route 66 in zombie-infested America. Try to get your group of survivors all the way to California by auctioning your resources for the right to choose the best path, fighting off the zombies to collect the goods and arrive with the most survivors intact. Whoever has the best story to tell by the end wins – but first you have to manage to get there!

J Accuse!
J’ACCUSE! by Jonathan Lavalee
3-6 Players, 30 Min, Take That/Voting

The body has been found and the bad news is it looks a lot like you did it. The good news is that each of the other players looks guilty as well! Plant evidence cards on them and reveal their motivations hoping that one of them will get arrested before you. In this frantic take that game you can’t be the winner – you just hope not to be the loser!

Loot N Run
LOOT N’ RUN by Christian Lemay
2-6 Players, 15 Min, Set Collection/Press Your Luck

Enter an ancient tomb in search of valuable treasures, but be sure to get out before you awaken too many monsters. Each turn you will either grab some more loot, take off with your stash, or awaken the monsters in another players’ stash, hoping there are enough to send them packing. A great, light press-your-luck game!

Play Me
PLAY ME by Aldebaran Geneste
2-6 Players, 10 Min, Dice Rolling/Cooperative
Take on the role of one of six characters from Alice in Wonderland and frantically roll your dice trying to get them in ascending order before the other players. Each character has a special ability, and you can even block others using your own dice. Win a round and you flip to your handicapped side – but if all players are handicapped one becomes the Jabberwocky and tries to devour the rest of you!

SPELLCASTER: POTIONS by Aaron Weissblum & Norman Woods(Celestia, Panda Head)
2 Players, 30 Min, Hand Management/Expansion
The first expansion to the tragically underrated card game Spellcaster adds potions to the mix. Now you have more ways to increase your prestige or demolish your opponent. It’s your choice of how to win in this fast playing battle of wizards.

Kylie is the owner of Games Unlimited and very passionate tabletop game player. He prefers games with elegant mechanisms that play in under two hours, but is not opposed to longer more thematic games. His favorites are War of the Ring, Dominion, and Blood Rage.

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