New Board Game Releases – Week of February 26, 2016

Recreate the nearly disastrous Apollo XIII mission in this card driven cooperative game. Overcome the obstacles the crew faced with clever card play and precision timing, or find yourself adrift in space with no hope of rescue.

A new entry in the cube building genre, Automobiles is a race to the finish accomplished by building your back of cubes and drawing them for upgrades to your car, better pit crews, and of course speed, speed, speed!

This small box game from the children of famed designers Inka & Markus Brand (Village, Murano) is a variation on Uno with one big exception – you’re allowed and encouraged to cheat! One player is the guard whose job is to catch the cheaters. If you’re caught you take your card back and become the new guard!

This new implementation of Age of Empires III includes the new Builder expansion to help you colonize the new world in this board game adaptation of the popular video game series. Discover new lands and expand your empire through three ages while keeping an eye on the competition in case the need for war arises.

Kylie is the owner of Games Unlimited and very passionate tabletop game player. He prefers games with elegant mechanisms that play in under two hours, but is not opposed to longer more thematic games. His favorites are War of the Ring, Dominion, and Blood Rage.

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