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Since 1978
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36th Year

For our local & in store customers:
Jigsaws with local Pittsburgh Area themes.


Tuesday October 20, 2015 10:51 AM

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Just Arrived / New / Restocks:

  • Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles have been restocked.

  • Plastic Chessmen have been restocked. Tube totes and bag totes available!

  • We are very excited about the new kid's game from Think Fun (makers of the Rush Hour Game/Puzzle). ROBOT TURTLES is for one parent and 1-4 players.
        * Robot Turtles is the most backed board game in Kickstarter history
        * Sneakily teaches fundamental programming concepts to kids ages 4-15
        * Inspired by the Logo programming language, it lets kids write programs with playing cards
        * As seen on NPR, Boing boing, Reddit, Geekmom, and many more news services and game sites.

  • There is a New LARGEST Puzzle in the WORLD c From EDUCA. It's called WILD LIFE and has 33,600 pieces and measure a whopping 17.6 x 5.15 Feet (224.5 x 61.75 inches). We are taking Pre-Orders on this item.

  • We are expanding our offering for quality Children's Games. Last year we added Smart Games, who are industry leaders in single player puzzle games. Most of their products will be for ages 3, 4 or 5 and up and will include 48 individual challenges of increasing difficulty so the child can progress with experience.

  • We also added a sizeable selection of HABA games, a European manufacturer of highest regard, Stop in and see their biggest hit ANIMALS ANIMALS, but all their games are fun and with high quality components.

  • Masterpiece Jigsaw Company is now making 3 panoramic puzzles with local themes. The Pirates PNC Park, the Steelers Heinz Field & and Penn State Beaver Stadium are now in stock; hopefully we will see a few more soon.

  • In case you didn't know, our Board Game Rentals and Trade In programs have been up and running for some time now. Briefly, you can rent games for 1 week for a $5 fee and if returned on time, apply the fee to any new or used games in stock. Since most games now sell for $45-75, this might be a good way for you to try before you buy. As for the Used Game Exchange Program, you can bring in games (in demand) that you no longer play and trade for used games on our shelf of equal or nearly equal value. Stop in for details.

  • 3 of the best value games were released late and are finally back in stock. All sell for $10-15. HANABI is a co-op card game that won the prestigious Spiel de Jahres Game of the Year Award in 2013 and we have a good supply for now. COUP is an excellent  bluffing game that rewards, well, lying straight faced. Finally, for a fast play, light, humorous, social game (a bit reminiscent of Apples to Apples), check out UnNATURAL SELECTION. All 3 are on display now and we can easily demo them for you.

  • The first 2014 jigsaw puzzles are on the shelves. We have about 150 titles (White Mountain), about 8 of which are 300s with oversized pieces, and the rest 1000s. Ravensburger should start to arrive Jan. 27-29

  • Forbidden Desert, the sequel to the very popular Forbidden Island, has released. It's by the same designer and manufacturer, and like its predecessor, it is a co-op game where the group wins or loses collectively.

  • A local Pittsburgh Designer released his first game in 2013 call Morels. It's a 2 player game about foraging for many different types of mushrooms, then collecting, selling and cooking them. Now a game manufacturer has agreed to publish and distribute it for the European market. We're sure it will be a hit there as it is in the US. Congratulations to Sq. Hill's own Brent Povis.

  • Thanks to the Philadelphia Examiner's Robert Moyer for the story on our store.

  • Restocks of several classic "Retro Games" like Jax (Jacks), Pickup Sticks, The Original Slinky & The Original Magic 8 Ball.

  • Chess Pieces (Wood & Plastic 3 3/4 & 4 inch sets, Triple weighted and with Extra Queens)
    Chess Rollup Mats (Vinyl & Mouse Pad style)

  • Kling Magnetic Card Sets for travel and outdoor play

We believe this site is one of the most complete game outlets on the web, and that our Jigsaw Puzzle selection is among the biggest anywhere. Still, it represents only part of what we stock. If you can't find it here, click on "Inquiries" below and we will quickly get back to you about availability.