Board Games

We match people with games!

We believe tabletop games create friendships, expand our brains, and foster fun. Since 1978, Games Unlimited has specialized in helping people find games that match what they like.

We also believe that there is a game for everyone—even if you were trounced in Monopoly as a kid. No matter what your scenario—solo or group, serious or party, young or adult—we have a game for you. To help you find it, we offer our expert recommendations.

We also have several in-store programs to introduce you to games before you buy: game demos on Saturdays, a game demo library, and a used game trade-in program.

We specialize in modern strategy games—games that rely on an accumulation of points rather than eliminating players. We also have a large selection of cooperative games, where you play together against the board.

Come in today to see the new releases and old favorites!

Our game inventory is in-store only. However, if you’re a long-distance customer and want to buy games with us, give us a call!

Jigsaw Puzzles

We believe the puzzle-making experience can be therapeutic for both individuals and groups. Puzzle-making is also brain-building and community-building.

To that end, we have one of the largest puzzle selections in the nation. We sell puzzles online and in-store. Browse our complete puzzle selection here.

We only sell puzzles from high-quality puzzle manufacturers such as Ravensburger, Pomegranate, Cobble Hill, and Springbok. We have a large selection of both European and American cutting styles. [European style is traditional grid and American is irregularly-shaped pieces and “whimsys.”]

We specialize in large-format puzzles for adults, which have been shown to help combat some of the effects of aging on the brain. We also have an impressive selection of large-piece count puzzles—from 3,000-32,000 pieces!

Also browse our puzzle accessories for storage and long-term preservation tools.

Avid puzzlers ourselves, stop in and see some of the completed puzzles we have on display!